VMware Requirements for Kubernetes

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VMware Requirements for Kubernetes

20th November 2020 Kubernetes 0

VMware has refreshed the prerequisites for running Kubernetes on VMware Cloud Foundation, and I’m glad to see that the necessities has been downsized a lot.

The news is that it is presently empower the Kubernetes Supervisor Control Plane on the administration Workload Domain, relinquishing the hard necessity of running it in a different Workload Domain, rather it runs in a Resouce Pool.

This is known as a merged engineering in VMware Cloud Foundation, and it implies that the minumum have prerequisite has been downsized from 7 hosts to at least 4 hosts. As the Management Workload Domains head stockpiling prerequisite is vSAN, the necessity is at least 4 hubs.

Different necessities are as yet the equivalent, yet this should make it a lot simpler to set up a Proof-of-Concept, or lab climate. It’s even upheld for creation, in spite of the fact that for little conditions.

This answers a portion of the critisism I’ve voiced around vSphere 7 With Kubernetes and it’s a welcome positive development.