We Live in the Cloud

JustTheCloud (JTC) was created over a coffee between two like minded IT nerds, as a place where we can store useful articles, tools, tips and tricks we pick up on our travels. At the moment it is just the two of us but as time progresses, we welcome input from like minded virtualisation/IT enthusiasts. Hopefully you find something of use to you on here.  Leon is our newest member and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to JTC.  As you will see below, all three of us work as VMware TAMs, and if you want to know more about what a TAM is, then our friends at VM Guru summarised it perfectly here

Peter Bladen

As a Technical Account Manager (TAM) for VMware I work with a small number of large Enterprise & Government customers as a consultant within the VMware Professional Services Organisation (PSO) Team in the NEMEA region.

I have used Virtualisation Technologies for a number of years and love the way products and services are now more connected both onsite and within the cloud.

I am VCP 3, 4, 5 and 6 certified for Data Centre Virtualisation and love Open Source Technologies.



James King

I am a UK based Virtualization and IT Technology specialist, working as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) for VMware.

I love my work and have worked with Virtualisation and other Enterprise IT based technologies, in particular VMware, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, EMC, HP, Juniper and Microsoft products. Prior to working at VMware I was a Solution Architect for a Global SI, and a Senior Engineer focussing on VMware and Microsoft Technologies.

I am a VCP 4, 5, 6, and 6.5 in Data Centre Virtualisation, in addition to an MCSE, CCA, Security+ etc. As a self confessed nerd, and a VMware employee, I have access to a lab to get to grips with new technologies, and still like to get my hands dirty as they say, when ever possible.  You can find me on twitter as @virtualjames


Do you have an idea on how to improve the site or topics you’d like to see covered, we’d be glad to help so please drop one of us an email – we would love to hear from you.  [email protected]


Disclaimer: Although we work for VMware, our thoughts and views expressed in this blog are purely our own and are not those of VMware. We are not bloggers for VMware and we write about topics and products that interest us. Use the information and guidance provided on this site at your own risk.