We Live in the Cloud

This page is a collection of useful resources, white papers, Visio stencils, calculators, technical information and anything else we find on our travels as TAMs.

Cloud The differences between AWS and Azure Azure resources, free training, webinars, roadmaps AWS resources, scripting, tutorials, SDKs, and general info VMConAWS resources, videos, compliance, documents and blogs


VMware PowerCLI and scripting Technical Papers VMWare Flings from the office of the CTO VMware Hands on Labs VMware Hands on Labs Documents Product Lifecycle Matrix







Veem Backup Free Edition for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V

VMware VMmark 


Calculators and Simulators VDI Calculator EMC VNX Simulator VMWare TCO calculator Virtualisation calcultor vSphere cluster calculator VMware HA simulator


Notable Blogs

VMware Bloggs aka The Slogg


Visio– Free web based visio tool

Official VMware stencil

VMware VMGuru Stencil v2.0

Veeam Visio stencils

Technodrone VMware stencil pack

Cisco Visio stencils

NetApp Visio stencils


MacOS and Linux The missing MacOS package manager Impressive disk usage tool run from terminal CentOS