VMware remove the 2 year recertification policy!

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VMware remove the 2 year recertification policy!

5th February 2019 Certification 0

VMware have today announced that they have listened to feedback from exam takers and customers and with immediate effect, have dropped the requirement to recertify your VMware certifications every two years!  In IT Certification terms, this is a very bold move and one which I am sure will be welcomed by the industry, as it now means that you will recertify when you wish to demonstrate your skill in a technology, and not because you’re worried about your certification remaining valid due to a time restriction.

For the less organised amongst us, this is great.  If you read my previous post on passing my VCP 6.5 DCV, you’ll see that on multiple occasions, due to work commitments, I’ve renewed my VCP with a week or less on the clock.  Upgrade paths remain the same and for those of you who have a VCP5, you’ll see it change back to valid (although this will take a while to show in MyVMware).

I have been an advocate of IT Certification for over a decade.  I own an IT Certification forum (Certforums.com) and after all of these years I still regularly put my skills to the test by passing an exam or two (2 down in 2019 already!). I’m a firm believer in how the structure of an exam guides you through what you should know and helps to highlight your weak spots.  Experience is king but it’s even better if you can put your knowledge to the test in my humble opinion and this move will help to ease a bit of pressure for some of us.  I’ll be interested to see if the likes of Cisco follow suit and drop their recertification requirements…

For more information, you can read the full FAQ from VMware here https://campaign.vmware.com/imgs/edu/VMware_Recertification_Rollback_FAQ.pdf?mid=24574&eid=CVMW2000040956972