VMworld and VMware TAM Day Registration

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VMworld and VMware TAM Day Registration

16th July 2018 VMworld 0

I think it is fair to say that one of the most exciting, informative and spectacular events in the virtualization and cloud world is VMware’s VMworld, which takes place in Las Vegas and Barcelona on the following dates:

U.S. (Las Vegas) August 26-30

Europe (Barcelona) November 5-8

I know that many of you will have been to VMworld, or watched online, but did you know that we also have a day dedicated exclusively to VMware TAM customers!  As a TAM myself, I would be remiss if I did not tell you more about this, how you register and how to avoid disappointment!


The Technical Account Manager (TAM) Customer Day is a one-day, invitation-only customer event that includes a blend of business and technical sessions to address top IT and business challenges. As a TAM customer, you can take advantage of this opportunity to interact directly with VMware experts and leaders while you gain insight into VMware best practices, planning and strategies.

Throughout VMworld you’ll have access to TAM Customer Central, an area designated exclusively for our TAM customers. There you’ll be able to network with VMware experts and other TAM customers, participate in interactive, deep-dive roundtables and gain access to inside information not available elsewhere.” 

[Source: 16/07/18 VMware https://www.vmworld.com/en/us/learning/programs.html#tam-customer-day]


TAM Customer Day is a great opportunity to:

  • Interact with VMware experts and leaders
  • Network with peers and industry professionals
  • Learn about VMware best practices, future planning and strategies
  • Speak with TAMs from around the world, maybe even my good self! 🙂


Event Date

TAM Customer Day US Sunday 26th August 2018 01:00pm in Las Vegas

TAM Customer Day Europe Monday 5th November 2018 09:00am in Barcelona


TAM Event Activities

Throughout your time at VMworld you will be able to participate in TAM Event Activities, which are only available to those customers who have a TAM. These include the following:

  • TAM Customer Central:  Interactive Deep-Dive meetings with VMware SME’s, Product Managers and technology leaders presenting on popular topics and NDA Roadmaps etc.
  • TAM Customer Central Lounge: A TAM Customer Only Lounge placed conveniently at the venue entrance of Fira Barcelona, to the left of the registration Deck.  New this year in the US, the lounge will be a theater, more information to follow shortly.
  • Hands On Lab VIP Tours for TAM Customers: Participate in one of our guided tours of the Hands-On Labs area and hear the story about the architecture and the tech behind it.
  • “Coffee with an SME”: Daily informal discussions with our SME’s and specialist.


New for 2018: Note that there has been a change in process this year, and to guarantee a seat at a TAM Customer Day session or TAM Customer Central deep-dive, you MUST sign-up for your sessions/deep-dives via the VMworld Schedule Builder.


Registration: You will need to ensure you edit your VMworld Profile to indicate that you are a TAM Customer and register for TAM Customer Day Sessions like any other VMworld Session. A Preliminary Agenda for TAM Customer Day 2018 will be available shortly.

You need to registered for the various parts of TAM Day in the VMworld Schedule Builder (SB). 
This is an IMPORTANT step in the process, otherwise you will be refused entry to TAM Day on the Sunday / Monday, and we wouldn’t want that to happen!

I hope to see you there.  I will not be able to attend the US VMworld, but hopefully Peter, Leon and myself will see you in Barcelona mi amigo